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Books, recordings and music by John and Caitlín Mattews

Books & recordings

Celtic books

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Celtic Shamans Pack

Celtic Shaman’s Pack
by John & Chesca Potter

The brand new edition of the long out of print Celtic Shaman’s Pack by John, with the original art of Chesca Potter is available again from Connections Publishing. It should be in the shops by the end of August. The two last parts of the book have been completely revised and the art has been restored to its original gleaming colours. For all who love shamanism and the Celtic worlds, and a must for those planning to attend John’s Walkers  Between Worlds Foundation Course in Celtic & Ancestral Shamanism course.

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Celtic Totem Animals

by John

In all shamanic traditions, power animals, play an important role, appearing in spirit form during the shaman's journey as guides to the Otherworld. Now you too can meet your own animal spirit guides during your own shamanic experience, following the guidance of John Matthews, expert on Celtic mythology, story-telling and the role of the shaman. This pack contains a, book and animal cards.

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Celtic visions

CELTIC VISIONS: Seership, Omens & Dreams of the Otherworld by Caitlín Matthews.

This short study of Celtic Seership opens up the seer’s skill to scrutiny, so that we understand  the seeing of the two sides of reality in one wholeness.  The way of making a portal is an essential part of all divination, using one eye, the hollow of the palms or a tube of the hands.  The second sight, prophecy, faery healing and practical advice about discernment of omens is also explored.

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At the gates of Dawn

AT THE GATES OF DAWN: A Collection of Writings by Ella Young. Edited by John Matthews and Denise Sallee 

Ella Young (1867-1956) gathered the old tales that had been handed down among the rural folk of Ireland. In her devotion to Irish culture she learned Gaelic and, as a major contributor to the Celtic Revival, she taught classes in the language and the myths. Ella knew first-hand about the faery folk of Ireland – she heard their music and listened to their stories. Ella was truly blessed – for her life flowed in harmony with her beliefs, her nationalism, and her career as an author and lecturer. This new collection of her writings is a deeply magical and evocative tribute to Ella’s many gifts, featuring some of the best of her poetry and mythical storytelling

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Celtic Love Celtic Love

10 scintillating Celtic love stories

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Celtic Shaman Celtic Shaman

Practical Celtic shamanism for the beginner

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