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Meditation Archive - THE LONG-LIVED WISE ONES by Caitlín Matthews
Those who live long have a story to tell us, a wisdom to share with us. Enter and interact!

The long-lived ones are the keepers of wisdom, but few come to visit them, for they have stood so long and silently that they have become part of the fabric of the universe in the eyes of the busy younger ones.

As the accepted ways of upkeeping the world now grow stale, as seemingly age-old sureties crack and crumble, the long-lived ones await your visit. Greet the seven directions: East, South, West, North, Above, Below, Within and centre yourself in the place of your true abiding. In this timeless time and placeless place, you may meet one of more of the long-lived ones as you breathe out three times and in three times. Sense, see and feel one of them before you now: don’t be surprised at how the long-lived one looks – it may not be humanoid at all or it may include some human features. Feel the wonder of being in their presence, whether it be one or many. Who is/are your long-lived one/s? Ask them to show you how they see the world and what is most important. As you ask this, there is no sense of distance or difference between you. One of the long-lived ones and yourself may now be in the same place: you as the smaller one who is inside the bigger one, or you as part of the bigger one in some way.

Slow your breathing down to the rate of the wise long-lived one you are with and just be with them. Stay in this state of oneness for as long as is good for you. If you have an issue that arises to distract you, give it into the keeping of the wise one. Be at peace and in communion with the power of life with your whole body and soul; it is a power that flows through the wise one, and you also feel that life flowing through and out, in and through you like your breath. It gives you sustenance and calm, peace and joy.

Accept peacefully whatever you are shown. If you have questions or are uncertain about what is shown, give your queries over to the wise one again. If you are shown something that isn’t what you expected, let it be as it is without changing or dismissal.

When it is time to return, the long-lived one will let you know. You will feel a sense of separation as you step back into your own space again. Any questions you had about your experience, the wise one has already given you a perspective on – it may not be in your mind but more like an understanding in your body. This is fine, however you experience it. Your dreams may show you more. Thank the seven directions and reestablish your presence.

As you go through your days the following week, look for the long-lived ones wherever you are – they may be physically about you, they may be near you unseen. Find their wisdom wherever you go – it is your heritage also.

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