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Seasonal, Shamanic & Natural Wisdom Book Titles | Celtic Totem Animals: Working with Shamanic Helpers by John Matthews
    Celtic Totem Animals: Working with Shamanic Helpers by John Matthews      
In the worldwide Shamanic traditions, the animal helpers in their spirit form act as guides and allies to the shaman’s journeys to the Otherworld. Comes with DVD, animal cards and book.

Celtic tradition possesses a huge amount of animal lore relating to these beings, ranging from the great story of Culhwch & Olwen from the Welsh Mabinogion cycle, to stories relating to such famous creatures as the One-Eyed Salmon of Assaroe to the wise and all-knowing Hawk of Achill, and the powerful Eagle of Leac. In each case these stories show the animals to be cleverer, more cunning, or braver then their human counterparts. They have access to the Otherworld, frequently live to a great age, and are wise and comic by turns. Here you will read of the Tricksters, the Boasters, the Cowards and the Heroes of the animal world, all set amid the dazzling universe of Celtic tradition, making up an entire cycle of stories. This book and card set includes methods of working with and learning from these magical beings in accordance with Shamanic tradition. Of interest to all who love and care about things Celtic, animal tales, magical story-telling and shamanism.
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