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Oracles, Card Systems & Tarot | Moon Oracle of the Sidhe by John Matthews, art by Wil Kinghan
    Moon Oracle of the Sidhe by John Matthews, art by Wil Kinghan      
A set of 28 cards, each one bearing one of the glyphs to be found incised on stone all over the ancient Celtic world. Accompanied by inspirational messages, following those found in The Sidhe by John Matthews. (Also available from us). These act as a means of contacting the power of the Inner Worlds and of invoking protection for the user. The glyphs have long been recognised as a form of symbolic language, dating from the neolithic up to the period of Celtic expansion across Europe and into Britain and Ireland. Here at last this language will be acknowledged, under the guidance of the Sidhe, as a vital tool for communication between the worlds and a means of seeking support on the journey of life.

This book is no longer available and is now replaced by The Circle of the Sidhe which has all 4 Sidhe Oracle cards and new book with it.
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Prod. code: T17 Price: UK: £23.50 Eur: £28.00 World 1: £32.50 World 2: £35.00 World 3: £37.00

Price (inc. of postage)

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