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Meditation Archive - BUILDING THE BODY OF LIGHT by Caitlín Matthews
This is a ritual of great potential power, designed to awaken a sense of the cosmic dimension of the Hermetic path. Seated or standing, build the circle of energy about you and hallow it with the light of love. Centre yourself and then stretch upward into your spiritual body, until your physical body is far below and your spiritual self stands with head and shoulders in the heavens. Slowly stretch forth with your senses, feeling them newly cleansed windows. Be aware of the vastness of the heavens, of the mighty beings who guard the cosmos. Take time to hold this new reality and fear nothing. You are an immortal soul whose right it is to travel the uttermost reaches of the universe under the protection of the Holy Ones who helped in its formation. Listen and you may hear their voices raised in the music of the spheres.

Now stretch out your hands and find before you in the singing darkness of space a shape which your senses tell you is a vast bowl or Krater. You may perceive it only by feeling its outlines beneath your hands. You may see what scenes are depicted upon it. Look now into the depths of the bowl, which is perfect blackness and impenetrable dark. Far below, as though you were looking into the uttermost depths of the cosmos, a tiny glead of light begins to form, impossibly far away and bright. Like a jewel it shines there and as you look it begins to grow gradually larger. Stretch your hand down into the bowl and take forth the glowing thing. It may look like a living flame or like a jewel of surpassing brightness. As you hold it in your hand its light begins to spread through yourspiritual body, filling you with peace and joyousness.

Look about you now and see that on all sides in the vastness of space are other figures, invisible to you before, but now revealed in a glory of light. They greet you in many different tongues which you have no difficulty in understanding, and you understand that you are now like them, that you share in a common radiance which is both within you and fills the corners of the universe.Gradually begin to draw in upon yourself and to shrink down towards your body far below. Keep the light within you as a spark of that divine fire from which the cosmos was formed and which has always been a part of you. You are now part of the Body of Light which surrounds and dwells within all of creation. Wherever you go you will take it with you, recognize it within others. So, too, will you be able to hold converse with the myriad souls who inhabit the vastness of space, and who have welcomed you among them as brother or sister. Now feel the ground beneath your feet or the chair upon which you are seated. Close the circle of power and perform a suitable closing ritual which you have devised. Reaffirm the Light within you by performing a brief ritual of attunement at least once daily.

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