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FIOS - Foundation For Inspirational and Oracular Studies

> Shamanic Practitioner Training Curriculum and Course Description

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Co-founded by Caitlín Matthews, Felicity Wombwell and John Matthews.

The Foundation for Inspirational and Oracular Studies or FíOS is dedicated to the re-enchantment of the soul through the restoration of the sacred arts: the creative, artistic and mystical experiences which are the gifting vision of all human beings. Discovering and sharing the ways by which inspiration comes is an oracular rather than transcribed skill. Oral traditions in the modern world are about how we share with our peers the techniques, researches and inspirational pathways of our common life.

We aim to help restore pathways into the landscape of the soul by means of lively, oral exposition of the sacred arts. Courses include: art of the soul, sacred performance, poetry and storytelling, divining from the natural world, sounding the unheard landscape, sacred dreaming, embodiment of spirit through dance, shamanic healing and ancestral honouring. Additionally we invite inspiring teachers and practitioners of the living sacred arts to present the FíOS MASTERCLASS, believing that those who drink from the sources of inspiration and who keep open the thresholds of experience are the best qualified exemplars to teach us.

We have been fortunate in being able to invite practitioners of the sacred arts from many walks of life to teach our students. Including Meinrad Craighead on Sacred Art, Alessandra Belloni on Dances of Purification, Nigel Pennick on Runes, Rachel Pollack on Tarot, R.J.Stewart on Earth Healing & Faery Traditions, Robert Moss on Shamanic Dreaming, Dolores Ashcroft Nowicki on Magic, Daan van Kampenhout on Ancestral Healing.

By respecting and practising the sacred arts that unify our understanding of the apparent and unseen world in one reality, one universe, we remember how to hear and trust the oracles from the heart of All That Is. FíOS also supports the training and work of shamanic practitioners in conjunction with the > Walkers Between the Worlds progressive training programme.

The acronym, FíOS, forms the old Irish word for Vision, Memory and Dream, the knowledge which is available by oracular and inspired means, rather than by written or theoretical sources. Fíos is also the modern Irish word for Knowledge and is pronounced FEE'us.

FíOS was founded in 1992 by Caitlín Matthews, Felicity Wombwell and John Matthews to enable students to rediscover the vital role of the sacred arts and oracular traditions in our everyday world, so that the ancient sources of inspiration might not be lost.

Annual membership of FíOS is currently £40 (£50 outside U.K).

Cheques payable to Caitlín Matthews, BCM Hallowquest, London WC1N 3XX, U.K. or Paypal payments to

Membership includes course discounts & 2 issues of Hallowquest Newsletter.

> See Shamanic Practitioner Training Curriculum and Course Description

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