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September 2015 issue

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John Matthews interviewed on Taliesin, the Last Celtic Shaman. http://www.examiner.com/article/john-matthews-on-taliesin-the-last-celtic-shaman?cid=db_articles

Caitlin Matthews interviewed on on King Arthur and the Mabinogion .http://www.examiner.com/article/caitlin-matthews-on-king-arthur-and-the-mabinogion?cid=db_articles

Steampunk Tarot Launch talk videoed at Watkins Bookshop

TRANSCRIPT of Caitlin’s Mount Haemus Award Lecture: Question and Answer in Druidic Transmission.

PODCAST of Caitlín’s Mount Haemus Award Lecture (audio): Question and Answer and the transmission of wisdom in the Celtic and Druidic traditions > http://www.druidcast.libsyn.com/index.php?post_id=445022


Steampunk Tarot Website is http://steampunk.imperium.com
The Steampunk Imperium also has its own tarot blog:
Madam Hypatia’s Tarot Blog: http://steampunktarot.blogspot.co.uk/

StoryWorld Storytelling Cards: www.storyworldcards.com


SOUNDINGS Caitlín Matthews’s occasional blog explores aspects of the Western Mysteries.http://caitlin-matthews.blogspot.com/

The WILDWOOD TAROT SITEhttp://thewildwoodtarot.com/  explores the wonders and mysteries of the Wildwood Tarot by Mark Ryan and John Matthews.   It also has a free WildWood Courts Primer by Caitlín Matthews on http://thewildwoodtarot.blogspot.com/ which also lists current tarot events.


Are you looking for a travel experience with meaning? Ancient and Sacred Sites tours offers a unique opportunity to visit the awe-inspiring places of Egypt, England or Ireland. We have secured private access to key sites such as the Great Pyramids and Stonehenge for rare photo opportunities and special ceremonies, conducted with safe and experienced teachers.

These all inclusive tour packages include luxury accommodation in Egypt, picturesque traditional B&B accommodation in England and Ireland, as well as quality food and no hidden extra costs.

With over ten years of experience, the tours combine the skills of tour leader, Reiki Master, teacher and healer, Ann Mason, with local and world renowned experts such as Professor of History Ronald Hutton and author Caitlín Matthews, and strike the perfect balance between group activities and personal exploration.

Space is limited to ensure a supportive, personalised service on your pilgrimage, so visit > ancientandsacredsitestours.com or call 02380 695841 today.

BLOODTYPE, the Search

The promotional film for a new vampire tv series by John Matthews & Wil Kinghan. With narration by Jason Connery, direction by Mark Ryan (both from Robin of Sherwood) and a new song written and sung by Robin Gibb and R.J. Gibb, this is a taster of a series yet to come.

> www.mythwoodfilms.com

To view the 15 minute film at home see the following links:

> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jXJ2lEBILgQ for BloodType, the Search part 1

> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vk192tk8wps for BloodType, the Search part 2

Meg Falconer

Meg Falconer is the artist whose work can be seen in Caitlín Matthews’ new book King Arthur’s Raid on the Underworld. She has a perminent selling exhibition of her Prints and Paintings at The Coach House Gallery, Brantwood near Coniston, Cumbria. (Brantwood was formally the home of John Ruskin,the Victorian artist, writer and thinker.)
> www.brantwood.org.uk.

The Lorian Association

The Lorian Association is an educational charity based in the Pacific North-West. Among others, it promotes the work of David Spangler who gives regular on-line trainings and seminars. Lorian is a publisher of two of John Matthews’ books, The Sidhe and A Constant Search for Wisdom.
> www.Lorian.bigmindcatalyst.com

Mythic Journeys

Mythic Journeys aims to reunite people to the accumulated wisdom of humankind that lives in stories and mythology, and thereby to: encourage creative response and imagination, help to make sense of our individual lives by seeing the stories within them, engender understanding and respect for others, serve as a free zone for inter-disciplinary conversation and activity,foster a diverse community whose common knowledge of the world's stories creates an unusual ability to transcend boundaries and take pleasure in difference, nurture and grow the imagination through the understanding and the making of metaphor, as well as to cultivate experiences and activities of mythology, archetype, and narrative and to make friends and have a good time!
> www.mythicjourneys.org


R.J.Stewart is a composer, author, and teacher, with 40 books in publication, translated into many languages worldwide. He is widely experienced in theatre, film, and television, and is a skilled performer and presenter. His unique contribution to the ancient traditions of the Western Mysteries is unparalled. His best-selling books include The Merlin Tarot, Celtic Gods and Celtic Goddesses, The Underworld Initiation and The Miracle Tree. He teaches mainly in USA but is regularly hosted in U.K. by FíOS.

For schedule of courses see:
> www.rjstewart.net

For further information, and to interact with his Dreampower Tarot, now out of print, see:
> www.dreampower.com

Daan Van Kampenhout

Daan Van Kampenhout is a practitioner of systemic ritual:a unique combination of shamanism and family constellation work. Using chassidic songs and prayer as a way to enter fields of collective trauma, such as created by the holocaust or colonialism, he works to find solutions to ancestral and national troubles. He works in Europe, Israel, the USA and elsewhere. Author of Images of the Soul and five other books, his writings have been published in many languages. His CD of shamanic singing, Samuch, supports ancestral healing work. His latest book The Tears of the Ancestors: Victims & Perpetrators in the Tribal Soul. Daan lives in The Netherlands. He has taught two major FíOS Masterclasses in U.K. See:
> www.daanvankampenhout.com

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