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February 2014 issue

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Newsletter image Caer Ochran by Meg Falconer

Welcome to the official website of
Caitlín & John Matthews.

We invite you to step through and visit us!
Together we like to explore the myths of Britain and Ireland, uncover the Celtic and Arthurian mysteries, explore the shamanic possibilities and create rituals that honour the ancestral ways and tell the ancient stories that our descendants will remember.

Come dream and journey with us!

John and Caitlín Matthews New titleFaeryland: The Secret World of the Hidden Ones
> StoryWorld. There are now 8 sets of StoryWorld cards to collect and tell stories with. Art by a series of wonderful artists.


13-16 March 2014 THRESHOLDS OF POWER AND HEALING (Wilts) Essential shamanic healing ways from the Celtic tradition.  

22-23 March & 13-14 September 2014 WALKERS BETWEEN THE WORLDS
Shamanic Foundation Course (24th year) (Oxon) This 2 two part non-residential course grounds shamanic beginners in the ancestral mysteries of our native shamanic tradition, and leads to practitioner training.

Learn how to divine with the 200 year old Lenormand oracle cards confidently, whether you are a beginner or more experienced. Worksheets, case-histories and tuitional booklet included.

31 July-3 Aug 2014 SACRO-MAGICAL RITUAL & CEREMONY FOR THE NEW ERA  with R.J.STEWART & ANASTACIA NUTT, brings expert guidance in rituals that honour the roots of the Western Mysteries yet worwk for our time.

Coming soon ...

Reichenbach Falls from Sherlock Holmes TarotThe Sherlock Holmes Tarot with John & Wil Kinghan. His Shamanism Bible is out in August  along with Henry Hunter and the Beast of Snagov.  The Fourth Gweneverea novel  by John James who died before its completion has been finished by ourselves, also  out in August. Caitlín’s Complete Lenormand Oracle  Handbook: Reading the Symbols and Language of the Cards is out in October.  
Here is a preview foretaste of the Tower card (Reichenbach Falls)  from Sherlock Holmes Tarot to whet your appetite.

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Hallowquest - the official website of Caitlín Matthews and John Matthews