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Arthurian, Grail, Merlin & Taliesin Book Titles | King Arthur & the Goddess of the Land by Caitlín Matthews
    King Arthur & the Goddess of the Land by Caitlín Matthews      
In this second volume of her 2-part guide to the Mabinogion, Caitlín explores the Arthurian and Goddessly antecedents of these powerful British legends, whose supernatural and semi-mythical beings come into the Matter of Britain. With full background, retelling and Celtic parallels.

It also gives background and locations of the Celtic otherworld and the tests, quests and inhabitants of those locations, defining their tasks and qualities. We trace the footsteps of the Goddess of Sovereignty through the legendary tales of Macsen Wledig, Rhonabwy, Lludd & Llefelys and the great Arthurian stories of Gereint, Owain and Peredur. Both this and  its companion volume, Mabon and the Guardians of Celtic Britain, give a full background and study of the Mabinogion stories and their Celtic parallels and source.
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Prod. code: A09 Price: UK: £21.00 Eur: £30.50 World 1: £34.00 World 2: £35.00 World 3 (inc. USA): £40.00

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