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Arthurian, Grail, Merlin & Taliesin Book Titles | Merlin: Shaman, Prophet, Magician by John Matthews
    Merlin: Shaman, Prophet, Magician by John Matthews      
This illustrated study documents Merlin’s origins in Welsh tradition and following his career as prophet, lover, bard and seer. Copious illustrated, it traces the many factors that went to make up the medieval Merlin of popular imagination, from Emrys the boy-sacrifice to Myrddin Wyllt who ran mad in the Caledonian Forest. It includes all of the surviving poems attributed to Merlin including a Dark Age poem, unknown to most readers, newly translated by Caitlín Matthews for this volume.

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Product code: A13 Price: UK: £21 Eur: £29 RoW: £31
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