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Celtic Wisdom | Ancestral Oracle of the Celts by Caitlín Matthews
    Ancestral Oracle of the Celts by Caitlín Matthews      
This oracle was created in 1990 as the basis for our Walkers Between Worlds courses, and is now available as an ancestral oracle where you can ask the ancient ones and forerunners to guide your questions and bring advice. The 40 cards can also be used for ancestral healing rituals and meditation. Each of the 8 divinities and the 32 Celtic ancestors form a council of help and wisdom that can bring resourceful insights to your issues and questions. Sit in meditation and learn from your deep ancestors.

‘The Celtic Wisdom Oracle is something truly unique and genuinely powerful, sinking an oracular taproot deep into the cultural DNA of Europe. This is a remarkable system, the fruit of long years of intense study and life among spirits of the ancestors. Picking it up may very well cause a wind of timeless, ageless inspiration to blow through your soul.’ - Thalassa.
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Prod. code: T03 Price: UK: £21.50 Eur: £28.00 World 1: £32.00 World 2: £35.00 World 3 (inc. USA): £37.00

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