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Oracles, Card Systems & Tarot | Complete Lenormand Oracle Handbook by Caitlín Matthews. Illustrated
    Complete Lenormand Oracle Handbook by Caitlín Matthews. Illustrated      
In this compendious guide to Lenormand card reading, the multiple meanings for each card provide keywords so the reader can quickly build an interpretive vocabulary for Lenormand fortune-telling. We learn how to lay spreads, starting with 3 or 5 cards and building to the Grand Tableau spread, which uses all 36 cards.

By exploring the significance of the playing card pips and suits on each card and how cards combine to create a variety of meanings, the author enables readers to learn the card keywords so to both read for themselves and express their interpretations to clients. Providing real case histories for readers to interpret, self-tests and practice exercises with answers to check are given at the end of the book.

‘A truly a complete handbook. Caitlín Matthews has left no stone unturned – and even discovered a few new ones – so the only thing left to do, after reading the book, is lay out the cards some more.~ Laura Perry
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Prod. code: T05 Price: UK: £30.00 Eur: £42.00 World 1: £46.00 World 2: £49.50 World 3 (inc. USA): £53.00

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