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Seasonal, Shamanic & Natural Wisdom Book Titles | At the Gates of Dawn by Ella Young, ed. Denise Sallee and John Matthews
    At the Gates of Dawn by Ella Young, ed. Denise Sallee and John Matthews      
In the late 1800s Ella began to gather the old tales that had been handed down from family to family for centuries. She lived among the rural folk in the West of Ireland and in the hills south of Dublin. As part of her devotion to Irish culture she learned Gaelic and, as a major contributor to the Celtic Revival, she taught classes in the language and the myths. This new collection of her writings, edited and introduced by John Matthews and Denise Sallee, is a deeply magical and evocative tribute to Ella's many gifts, featuring some of the best of her poetry and mythical storytelling.

Ella's spirituality reached deep into the land and into the heart of ancient Ireland. Others have called her a seeress, a druidess, or a witch - the magical name she gave herself was "Airmid" - the goddess of healing who drew her powers from the fertile green earth. She knew first-hand about the faery folk of Ireland - she heard their music and listened to their stories. Ella was truly blessed - for her life flowed in harmony with her beliefs, her nationalism, and her career as an author and lecturer.

"How better to light the touch paper of interior fireworks..." - Gareth Knight.

"There is a spell upon her prose, a real enchantment, that echoes through the mind like remembered music..." - Frances Clarke Sayers.
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