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Western Mysteries, Magic & Ritual Book Titles | Sophia, Goddess of Wisdom by Caitlín Matthews
    Sophia, Goddess of Wisdom by Caitlín Matthews      
This book provides the foundation for understanding the Goddess of Wisdom and was the first book of its kind in the English language. It follows the idea of Wisdom as a Goddess from the earliest civilizations, through ‘the religions of the Book’ and into our time, Caitlín’s aim was to give the chapter and verse of where the Divine Feminine had been over the last 2000 years, and to show that she had not been dormant or forgotten. Following Sophia through her aspects as Chthonic WiseWoman, Alchemical Bride and Maiden of Wisdom, Caitlín reveals just how Sophia cries out in our streets to this day.

The reprint of Sophia is now printed on ordinary paper and, you are warned, that the left hand opening is lighter printed than the right hand opening of each full opening. We have complained about this but the publisher is only releasing the current edition in this form: there is nothing we can do about it. 
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Prod. code: W02 Price: UK: £20.50 Eur: £30.50 World 1: £38.00 World 2: £40.50 World 3 (inc. USA): £42.50

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