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Arthurian, Grail, Merlin & Taliesin Book Titles | Song of Taliesin by Steve Gladwin
    Song of Taliesin by Steve Gladwin      
In a small studio in Langport in Somerset in the autumn of 2008 a dream was realised with the first recording of ‘The Song of Taliesin’ by John Matthews. Steve Gladwin – who first adapted the piece for stage performance in 2000 - and storyteller, instrument maker and producer Jem Dick, were able - with the added inspiration of storyteller Sharon Jacksties - to create the small stuff of legend.

When fellow storyteller Andy Harrop Smith, first heard it he simply said, ‘This is the best storytelling CD I’ve ever heard.’

Now here’s the chance to hear The Song of Taliesin again in this re-packaged version. ‘It’s one of the truly great privileges’ says John Matthews, ‘to hear words one has written spoken, chanted, or sung by a master storyteller. Thus when I first heard the recording of Song of Taliesin I literally got goosebumps! It still has that effect on me several years on. A terrific recording that opens out the soundscape of meaning in my text in ways I could not have hoped for.’

‘One of the reasons we got nearly all of what we wanted’, Steve Gladwin suggests, ‘was that we didn’t really know what the rules were for doing this sort of thing. We just tried to get what we felt we needed. Jem’s skills as a producer on this scale of project were just amazing.’

The result is an incredible auditory experience, where inspired flights of fancy juggle with the hallucinatory, and the power of the stage often collides - as well as blends - with the power of the written word.

But this recording is not just about the spoken word, whether it be the bard himself, his little monk amanuensis, the increasingly insane King Maelgwn, or half a dozen sycophantic bards! In this unique recording monsters are created on the bone of a swan or deer, and the journey into Ceridwen’s cauldron truly possesses the sound and feel of stone and earth.
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Prod. code: R03 Price: UK: £16.00 Eur: £25.00 World 1: £34.00 World 2: £36.00 World 3 (inc. USA): £38.00

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