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Oracles, Card Systems & Tarot | Wild Magic by Mark Ryan & John Matthews
    Wild Magic by Mark Ryan & John Matthews      
Wild Magic invokes the power of the Wildwood, of the Green Man and Green Woman, of the living archetypes of the forest such as Herne the Hunter and Robin-i-the-Hood. It takes us across time to the pre-Celtic world of the forest that once cloaked much of the world, where primal forces, cloaked in the shape of animal, bird and fish roamed free and opened doorways into the primal otherworld of the Ancestors. With chapters on the Lore of the Wild, ways to work around the archetypal Wheel of the Year, shamanic methods of exploring the wild, and mediations designed to enable powerful, personal encounters with Wildwood archetypes, as well as newly crafted rituals enabling the reader to celebrate festivals such as the Midsummer and Midwinter Solstices, the book takes a new and informed look at a set of ancient traditions applied to the present. Developing the system behind the best-selling Wildwood Tarot, authors Mark Ryan and John Matthews bring their profound understanding of Wild Magic to a contemporary audience which includes all of a pagan persuasion as well as those interested in folk lore, myth and ritual.
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