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Arthurian, Grail, Merlin & Taliesin Book Titles | The Grail Tarot by John Matthews & Giovanni Casselli
    The Grail Tarot by John Matthews & Giovanni Casselli      
The Grail legend is one of the most famous mysteries the world has ever known. This 78-card Tarot deck with spectacular Renaissance-style art relates to the quest for this sacred Christian relic and connects it to our desire to understand the puzzles within our own lives. Characters drawn from Grail history, as well as the Knights Templar, guide the seeker on the path. The suits are represented by the four Grail Hallows: Stone, Sword, Lance, and Vessel. Discover the symbolism and stories of the Grail as a universal and potent representation of the search for truth, part of your own spiritual quest. The cards when laid edge to edge create a tableau in each suit and in the Major Arcana: a procession of the Grail indeed!
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Prod. code: T22 Price: UK: £34.00 Eur: £46.50 World 1: £52.00 World 2: £55.00 World 3 (inc. USA): £57.00

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