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Oracles, Card Systems & Tarot | Tarot of Light and Shadow by John Matthews & Andrea Aste
    Tarot of Light and Shadow by John Matthews & Andrea Aste      
This beautifully illustrated double Tarot deck allows readers to explore both sides of a question at once, looking at the Shadow (instinctive, inner world, the unknown) and the Light (rational, outer world, the known). For the first time ever, readers are being offered two Tarot decks specifically designed to be used together. The Tarot of Light and Shadow presents a new multi-layered way of working with the Tarot: using two decks to explore the Shadow and Light sides of any questions at once. In fact, they can be seen not as two separate decks but as one deck appearing in two dimensions. The principle of the two-deck system can be explained as follows: there are two sides to every question and two sides to every answer. Answers come both from within and without. Inner influences as well as outer affect our choices and may dictate our concerns. When we face a problem or issue for which we turn to the Tarot for advice, there are many different ways to approach the query. The Shadow deck gives you insight into your inner world, your subconscious, your instinct and what is not yet in the light of your consciousness, while the Light deck reflects the the outer world, the rational and what is already known about an issue. This ground-breaking two-deck system allows the reader to explore both sides of such questions at once, and to find the best way forward in the blending of both answers. 
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Prod. code: T23 Price: UK: £34.50 Eur: £48.50 World 1: £50.50 World 2: £53.50 World 3 (inc. USA): £56.00

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