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Oracles, Card Systems & Tarot | The Circle of the Sidhe by John Matthews & Wil Kinghan
    The Circle of the Sidhe by John Matthews & Wil Kinghan      
Following a five-year process of recording the teachings of the Faery race known as the Sidhe, the four sidhe oracles compiled and written by John Matthews with art by Wil Kinghan are finally presented as a set in a single box, with a revised book with updated text and methods of working with the oracles, having 100 cards (comprising all 4 Sidhe oracles), a book of 159 pages in a specially designed box, and a bag in which to store cards. The Circle of the Sidhe replaces the earlier sets of cards and booklets, which will be discontinued when the remaining stocks are sold out. 
For the present, the original packs of The Moon Oracle of the Sidhe and The Sidhe Oracle of the Fleeting Hare, will be available to be sold separately while stocks last. The two sets, The Vision of the Sidhe (containing the first two decks) and Walking with the Sidhe, which contains the final sets entitled The Sidhe Oracle of the Glorious Sun and The Sidhe Oracle of the Flowing Waters will also continue to be available while stocks last. The cost of the remaining sets and individual copies remains unchanged. 
Please be aware that we only carry a limited number of these titles due to the heavy import duty applied to the cards which are printed and sent from the USA. Those living in USA are recommended to purchase copies directly from the publisher: Lorian Press at www://lorian
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Prod. code: S16 Price: UK: £49.00 Eur: £55.00 World 1: £60.00 World 2: £63.00 World 3 (inc. USA): £64.50

Price (inc. of postage)

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