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Oracles, Card Systems & Tarot | The Beowulf Oracle by John Matthews & Virginia Chandler
    The Beowulf Oracle by John Matthews & Virginia Chandler      
The epic poem Beowulf  has been hailed as perhaps one of the most important poems of the Middle Ages. It is a great study of Anglo-Saxon culture and what was most important to its culture:  Loyalty, Generosity, Glory in Death, Kinship, and Fate.   From an esoteric viewpoint, Beowulf is a unique adventure through the Anglo-Saxon Heroic Journey.  Through the deeds and challenges of the hero, Beowulf, the poem guides the reader through the cycle of Life, Death, and the desire to achieve Immortality, watched over by the formidable Norns, keepers of fate and wisdom.  The Beowulf Oracle offers a guide through a world where belief in the powers and forces that shape our lives is ever present.  The kings and queens, heroes and heroines, monsters and betrayers of the poem will act as guides and symbols for the seeker.  The imagery and the quotations from the poem and other original sources will highlight an overwhelming belief in Fate. The stunning art by Joe Machine makes this an unforgettable Oracle which we think will be much loved by all. 
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Prod. code: T26 Price: UK: £32.50 Eur: £42.00 World 1: £49.00 World 2: £51.50 World 3 (inc. USA): £53.50

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